Downtown Athens, 01.17.15


I am a sucker for the tiniest bit of colorful art and Downtown Athens is full of it. Put one and one together and voilà, you can always find me in front of a vibrant graffiti or a kaleidoscopic drawing.

I am also a sucker for bomber jackets, the more Grease-like the better. So this brand new H&M lilac piece was a very welcome addition to my closet, that I plan on wearing a lot. Purple tones are apparently having a comeback so get your lavender s*it together before its too late.

Mauve painted nails get extra points.

Wearing bomber jacket H&M (an embellished version here, a baseball version here), sleeveless knit Zara, jeans H&M, Dunk SKY sneakers Nike, pearl headband Zara (on sale), leather bag Reiss (a nice alternative here)

IMG_0412IMG_0419IMG_0344 IMG_0370 IMG_0399 IMG_0417

Walking Rainbow


A friend of mine told me I should dress in all black.

This is my answer. 

Rainbow yeti spotted in downtown Athens, taking pictures of anything combining more than 3 colors, seeing everything pink (like the rest 6 days of the week) and enjoying THAT Greek sun (magic country much?). Did a little bit of shopping too to help with the mood cramps. 😉

It worked.

Wearing this (pretty awesome) Asos faux fur, skinny jeans, Pull & Bear fringed leather sneakers (a similar white version here), Wildfox mirrored sunglasses, long sweater, Unicorn iPhone case 

IMG_0120 IMG_0125IMG_0122 IMG_0124 IMG_0132 IMG_0142 IMG_0146 IMG_0159

Fighting Falcon 16


You know you’re fly when you watch action movies and daydream about being an Air Force pilot. You know you’re superfly when you manage to buy a vintage F16 yourself and casually park it on your front lawn. For everyone to see.

Being nowhere near fly or superfly myself, the least I could do was take a bunch of pics and go back to watching Top Gun.

Mission Accomplished.

Wearing a leopard faux fur from Topshop (similar here and here), G Star Raw sweater, boyfriend jeans, Adidas Superstar sneakers, Asos flower sunglasses (that you can easily DIY) IMG_9543IMG_9524 IMG_9509IMG_9525 downloadIMG_9528 10891523_1006008009412966_551343545025077037_n

The cute watch is by Daniel Wellington and you can purchase yours with a 15% discount using the code allyouneedisstyle (valid until February 15th)



Staying In (again)


Well, isn’t this fun?

Staying in, I mean. Although I did take a quick trip to the nearby kiosk for mandatory refuelling (chocolates, magazines and flavored water) I’ve become a proper house cat. And I’m a proud one.

As the list of book gets shorter, I become happier (and wiser) and I’m rediscovering all that loungewear I’ve kept hidden in drawers that can actually be worn outside as well. It would look pretty nice too.

The house is full of hidden treasures.

And unfortunately sugary treats in equal amount. 

Wearing lace body Intimissimi, over the knee socks Calzedonia, long cardigan Bershka, cropped sweater Brandy Melville, velvet leggings Calzedonia, socks Calzedonia, plaid shirt Topshop, Converse All Star

Photos Mike Tsitas

IMG_2922IMG_2907IMG_2877 IMG_2884 IMG_2887 IMG_2923

Igloo Weather


When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her. When he finally finds it, he waddles over and places the pebble right in front of her. If the pebble is accepted they are mates for life.

Let’s waddle together, flipper in flipper.  

Wearing vintage faux fur, Zara navy shorts, Asos boots (a cream version here), Benetton sweater, Asos yellow sunglasses

IMG_8452IMG_8467 IMG_8470 IMG_8473 IMG_8477 IMG_8483 IMG_8494 IMG_8501 IMG_8504 IMG_8514

2014 in Outfit Posts


What a year. Spent half of it on the other side of the world, a place that became my second home, my favorite place on earth. Could never imagine I would actually make it into reality although I did dream of it. Quite often.

On the sartorial side, I could have just gone there with a pair of ripped denim shorts, flip flops and a white tee. It could have suffice. This statement LA outfit can actually get you everywhere and although you probably know by now how much I love clothes, I was happy as a clam. Maybe less is more after all.

It’s never about the outfits anyway. It’s about the background of the photo aka the place you are at any given moment, the minute in time and your coordinates on this earth that really makes the difference.

So may the next year bring more colourful surroundings and interesting backdrops and I wouldn’t even care posing naked in front of them.

Cheers to the new.

PS There are a bunch of unpublished posts from La La Land that I’ve been dying to show you (coming soon) plus the everyday #ootd s if you think you didn’t have enough:

Take a look at All You Need Is Style’s Instagram

Staying Home


I’ve got a thing for cocooning and I’ve got a thing for lingerie. So when I stay home (which is pretty often) I take great pleasure in enjoying my special indoors. I have a great selection of books I’m dying to read and don’t find the time (from Henry Miller to Forensic Psychology and from Nabokov to Tibetan Yoga and the Secret Doctrines) and an even greater selection of masks, scrubs and whatnots that my skin is dying to try.

So with the help of a large cup of SWEET LOVE Kusmi tea and some wicked tunes, I combine both and I’m way thankful the day after.

Going out is so 2014.  

Socks Calzedonia, Lace Body Intimissimi, Carma Bangles Folli Follie, Boyfriend Jeans Replay, Baseball Cap Nasa, Oversized Sweater Topshop, Panda Beanie Pull & Bear, Pepperoni Pizza Necklace Verameat

Photos Mike Tsitas

IMG_2557 IMG_2560IMG_2590 1fil IMG_26562fil 3fil IMG_2636 IMG_2654

Nilaya Mystic Spa


Every once in a while, there comes a day when it’s all about YOU.

After all there’s no one more important than yourself. And what’s more appropriate than a little special something for that person?

I’m talking gold leaf massages, relaxing hamam sessions, sparkly mani/pedis and rejuvenating face masks. I tried the Golden Glam Massage, the Golden Glam Face & Golden Glam Beauty rituals with equal amounts of awesomeness respectively aka gold leaves, ginger and silk for toning, rejuvenating and energising the skin. As for the mask it has anti-aging and brightening properties that were actually effective immediately (réveillion ready in an instant). The sparkling manicure was just the cherry on top of the cake that complimented my LBD NY outfit in the best possible way.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to step into 2015 than in my very relaxed, very pampered and very content self.

Thank you Nilaya Mystic Spa for the amazing experience!

Check out the site for more info on the services and don’t forget to take a look at this tab for seasonal offers!

IMG_8994IMG_8665IMG_8620 IMG_8622 IMG_8634 IMG_8640 IMG_8644 IMG_8652 IMG_9035IMG_9039 IMG_9148 IMG_9162IMG_8673IMG_8676



I promise to run wild and free, stop only to admire the view (and for the occasional picnics and whatnots), breathe deeply in, be and stay happy, exercise more, read even even more and enjoy the little things. Our lives are full of them.

2014 has been a roller coaster but I’m always up for a theme park. 🙂

2015 is gonna be great. I even have the front of the line pass. 

Jacket BSB, leggings Topshop, Converse All Star from Kix, turtleneck Reiss (a white version here), Karen Walker sunglasses, Folli Follie leather bag

IMG_9253 IMG_9272 IMG_9281 IMG_9301 IMG_9311IMG_9302

Take me to church


Those rays of light. 

Making everything better.

On cold winter days, like this one, they keep me warmer than this heavily knitted sweater. They bring me closer to new adventures (imaginary and not), they make new beginnings easier, they provide comfort while I deal with dead ends, they make everything clear.

In good ol’ vitamin D we trust.


Wearing oversized sweater, brown shorts, thigh high fringed leather boots Sam Edelman (similar here), faux fur bag Accessorize, sunglasses E&E

IMG_9408 IMG_9428 IMG_9452IMG_9431 IMG_9411IMG_9442