2014 in Outfit Posts


What a year. Spent half of it on the other side of the world, a place that became my second home, my favorite place on earth. Could never imagine I would actually make it into reality although I did dream of it. Quite often.

On the sartorial side, I could have just gone there with a pair of ripped denim shorts, flip flops and a white tee. It could have suffice. This statement LA outfit can actually get you everywhere and although you probably know by now how much I love clothes, I was happy as a clam. Maybe less is more after all.

It’s never about the outfits anyway. It’s about the background of the photo aka the place you are at any given moment, the minute in time and your coordinates on this earth that really makes the difference.

So may the next year bring more colourful surroundings and interesting backdrops and I wouldn’t even care posing naked in front of them.

Cheers to the new.

PS There are a bunch of unpublished posts from La La Land that I’ve been dying to show you (coming soon) plus the everyday #ootd s if you think you didn’t have enough:

Take a look at All You Need Is Style’s Instagram


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