Grove Skatebacks

This must be the coolest iphone case ever constructed! Crafted from waste material from skateboard factories, it instantly adds personality to your iphone!
Apparently waste material from skateboards manufacturing could fill a bus every week! So you can recycle and be cool at the same time! Winning combination! This case is available in three colours – vibrant, calm and neutral. Application is a breeze with a peel and stick 3M adhesive that promises residue free removal. (49$)

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece box set

What can we do for our polo fans that hate shopping, Brooks Brothers thought? Apparently make shopping easy for them! And by making it easy they have probably overdone it! They created this dream package that includes 44 different colours! 44 colours of the company’s signature, slim fit, 100% cotton pique polos running from pink to purple and everything in between.

You will never be seen with the same polo!

 Featuring the following colors: Light Pink, Pink, Bright Pink, Claret Heather, Bright Pink Heather, Peony, Red, Bright Red, Red Clay, Orange Heather, Pale Orange Heather, Gold, Yellow, Yellow Heather, White, Ivory, Pale Lime, Lime Heather, Bright Green, Foliage Green Heather, Dark Green, Green, Hunter, Dark Green Heather, Light Brown, Burgundy, Chocolate, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Denim Heather, Navy Heather, Deep Ultramarine, Regatta Blue, Azure, Bright Blue, Bright Aqua, Clearwater, Light Blue, Pale Grey Heather, Lilac, Purple Heather, Light Purple, Amethyst.
On sale for $2.000

Chief’s Energizing face wash?

I bet you’ve never heard of an Indian who used face wash! But truth is that this new face wash is based on Indian “DNA”! Using Ginseng for improved circulation, Menthol & peppermint for the minty fresh feeling, Eucalyptus for antiseptic properties that you WILL need and Rosemary just because it is (supposed) to make you smell manly enough not to be mistaken for your gilfriend! I am not sure about the smell but the legend goes that Indian chiefs used this remedy before epic buffalo hunts! If that doesn’t wake you up..well what will?

But because some of us still have trouble leaving the bed in the morning, Chief’s thought of a more modern way to wake us up if all goes bad! This face wash can work with a smartphone app! This app, which actually is an alarm clock, will wake you up with a variety of sounds (Not sure if ceremonial Indian flute music is included) but will only turn off when you scan the bar code on your face wash! How cool or maybe annoying after a couple of days can that be?

Has anybody tried it? let us know!

We will very and soon in our version of “mythbusters” and let you know of the results!


No sooner than the new Air Force 130th Anniversary came out Nike has produced another small miracle! The fourth entry in the AF1 XXX series, this unique low-top features a full-length visible Max Air unit with total orange highlights, a Vas-Tech upper with a green and brown camouflage print, waxed laces, and an embossed leather tongue and heel tabs. As seen in previous incarnations the box and insole proudly announce this is part of ‘AF1 – XXX’ Collection. Avoid pairing with camo cargo shorts, unless you’re going for a full-on Rambo look.

James Perse skateboards

True to his designer’s style this skateboard is a mix of retro and modern, inspired by vintage 70’s skate decks. This limited edition reflects the soul of where the movement began on the beaches of Southern California. Made by solid walnut planks with solid wenge accents for added stability (and style) each board is uniquely and individually handcrafted in Los Angeles. High performance trucks and wide vintage style polyurethane wheels give you the chance to cruise casually or dare to freestyle!

Longboard: 45″ Freestyle Deck: 32″

Original Beer Shampoo – Brewed with Elysian Brewing Company’s Stout Beer! – 8oz

Ok, lets start with the bad news. Unavailable in a six-pack. You might smell like a drunk and make your wife very suspicious of your whereabouts. (No, not really) 

But thats about it! 

Made with Elysian Brewing Co.’s Dragonstooth stout, this 100% vegan shampoo leverages the hops, barley, and malt found in the beer to coat your hair with vitamin B, proteins, and minerals, while botanical extracts of acai berry, jojoba, aloe leaf, and sunflower seed help heal your hair. It will also help strengthen and revitalize your hair and scalp.

Marshall Amp Fridge

A rockin’ jam session, face melting guitar solos with your bandmates sure can make you thirsty – You could grab a beer out of the boring white Siemens you purchased from an electronics mega-store. Or, you could grab one out of the greatest looking fridge in the known universe.

The mini-fridge will hold 4.4 cubic-feet of your favorite beverages, frozen pizzas, or horse tranquilizers for your drummer.Mix your love of rock with your love of beer in an all new way.  I only wish they figured out a way to include an actual speaker in the door, so it could work as both a fridge and an amp. Still, it’s pretty awesome.

Marshall expects to start shipping the Marshall Fridge this October for $299 (USD), and you can get on the pre-order notification list http://marshallfridge.com/


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