Kiss me tiger

Hey, Tiger

Teach me tiger, how to kiss you
Show me tiger, how I kiss you

Take my lips
they belong to you
but teach me first teach me what to do

Touch me tiger when i`m close to you
Help me tiger I don`t know what to do

I know that you could love me too
but show me first show me
what to do
This is the first love but I have never known
what must I do
to make you my very own
Teach me tiger how to tease you
tiger, tiger
I wanna squeeze you

All of my love
I will give to you
but teach me tiger
or I teach you
tiger… tiger…

Photos by Constantinos Caravatellis

Wearing Blanco jacket (similar here), Asos plaid shirt with bow (not shown) (a nice alternative here), Replay boyfriend jeans, Alexander Wang knot sandals


3 responses to “Kiss me tiger

  1. I’ve seen this jacket in black and I instantly loved!
    Now I see it on you the love has multiplied! 🙂 True beauty and sartorial non chalance!

  2. great you! Love also the shirt!!!!

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